Thursday, May 15, 2014

Step 2: apply to Nursing school

My college has a lengthy application process that is only one cycle per year. Students have a application window from mid January to mid April for Fall admission only! 

Prior to acceptance, the applicant must:

  • have completed all prep-reqs
  • have three professional recommendations
  • taken the TEAS test and scored above the National Average
  • have a current CPR card
  • be current in all immunizations
  • write a Plan of Success
For me, I didn't have an immunization record since A&M had long since destroyed all those from back in the day. So I had to go get blood work to determine immunity, and then had to go get 6 more shots that didn't show up on the blood work. Be aware, this might happen to you!

I took my TEAS and scored an 85. This will be discussed in another post as I know it is a tedious test that many people have tons of questions about. 

I retook CPR since my certification expired in 2010. 

My Plan of Success was a page long and addressed all the concerns the school posted: budget, transportation, child care, family obligations, study time, illnesses, etc. 

All of it was packaged in a single manila envelope with my name on the outside and was delivered, in person, to the school on February 5th. 

And then I waited....March, April, May....and May 12th, I received my answer!

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