Saturday, May 31, 2014

Nursing school supplies

We received an email this week that discussed our "boot camp" class that begins July 10. It also said to be on the lookout for another email that has tuition breakdown, nurse supply pack, and a form that will allow us to register for school. 

In the meantime, a student who just finished her first year gave us some information on extra things we will need for school. 

So here is what I bought:

1. A solid black pair of Nike shoes with gel inserts. They are pretty serious about having solid black shoes. Yuck

2. A purple Prestige gel watch with a second hand and military time. 

3. An extra USB

4. A badge reel...purple is my signature color...

5. An extra penlight. They will give us one in our supply kit, but they are easily lost. I bought this one, but I got it in purple. :)

I am so ready to get the rest of my supplies, books, scrubs, etc. Let's do this!

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