Thursday, May 15, 2014

Step 1: get your pre-reqs done!

Hello all! My name is Amber and I started this blog to chronicle my journey through everything leading up to, during, and after nursing school. 

Quick bio on me...

I am 34 years old (don't ever think you are too old to try something new)

I am married with two boys and two poodles.

I graduated in 2001 from Texas A&M (WHOOP) with a Bachelor of Science in Health Education. I spent my 20's working as a Developmental Specialist with Brazoria County Association for Citizens with Handicaps. My early 30's have been spent at home with my children and as the Vice President and later President of their school's PTO. 

In 2012, we decided, as a family, that it was the right time to go back to school. Nursing was always a profession that interested me, but A&M didn't have a program back then and I was anxious to graduate and get on with my life. My husband was really supportive of my return to school as he has been our sole financial support for 5 years. With the kids' future (braces, cars, car insurance, band, tennis, extra-curriculars, college...) to look forward to, I am thinking he is ecstatic that I can help out. 

Which brings me to Step #1: Get your Pre-reqs done. 

I had taken all of the required courses for nursing school entry at A&M...however, they were too old. Our college has a 5 year time limit on upper level sciences. So over the course of four semesters, I signed up for 4 classes: 

Medical Terminology: Fall 2012 online. It was straight-forward and easy. A

Anatomy and Physiology 1: Spring 2013. I had to work for this A but fortunately it was in this class that I met some study buddies and the first of three professors that would write a recommendation for nursing school

Anatomy and Physiology 2: Summer 2013, session 2. This was a 5 week course with a 3 hour lab and 2 hour lecture every day. Lab quiz every day, and lecture exam every Friday. It was fast paced, crazy, but totally worth it. My third A and my second professor to write a recommendation.

Microbiology: Fall 2013. Boy did I ever have to change how I did everything for this class! This class rocked my world, changed my study habits, and made me grow as a student and a person. My fourth and final A and third professor to write me a recommendation. 

So if you are anything like me, and decide to go back to school a bit later in life, or if you already took these classes and need to take them again to get a better grade, don't complain. Don't procrastinate! Give your all to these pre-reqs. Not only are you going to learn and retain more, but you have a better chance of actually getting into nursing school. 

It's painful and worth it!

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